Accessibility wayfinding system

It is a tool to inform people with disabilities and special needs about the accessibility and usage possibilities of various cultural institutions and events.

Why is it important?

Almost a quarter million Lithuanians cannot fully use cultural services. People with special needs or disabilities are prevented in many ways by the poorly adapted infrastructure of organizations, as well as the lack of information on accessibility. A clear communication about accessibility in your organization is the simplest way to ensure the quality of cultural services, products, and cultural life.

Why is it important?

Planning a visit

Animated Icons
Animated Icons

Widget for your website

For people with disabilities or reduced mobility, travelling can be challenging. Therefore, when planning a visit, it is important for them to know the infrastructure and accessibility of your organization. To communicate the information regarding accessibility, we have creative an easy-to-use widget for your website.


How to create a widget?

By using the generator, you can easily create a widget that can be customized according to the accessibility of your organization. Follow these steps:


Select the icons

Select the accessibility icons that are the most relevant to your organization


Generate the code

After selecting all the icons, click the "Generate" button


Copy the code

After you click the "Generate" button, you will be provided with the HTML code you will need to copy


Paste the code

Paste the generated HTML code into the bottom part of your webpage's code, right before the end of the </body> section

A widget is a tool for your website that will help to inform visitors about accessibility in your organization.


During the visit

Clear wayfinding system in the interior and exterior will allow visitors to feel safe and dignified. They will be able to make independent decisions about the services you provide, the use of the equipment, and the ability to engage in activities on their own or with some help.

A wayfinding system is being developed. If this is relevant to you – contact us.